Ariki was founded in 1932, and has been manufacturing and electroplating throughout the life of the company.

The secret to our longevity is the quality of our work, which continues to be our hallmark across the international jewellery community. Amongst increasing global competition and hyper competitive markets, Ariki continues to shine.

Carrying on our tradition of precision and quality, we now offer waterjet cutting and electroplating for your projects.

Water Jet Cutting

The waterjet cutting process creates accurate, efficient part production. It is an easy set up with no thermal distortion or heat affected zones to parts. The quality of the finish eliminates the need for secondary machining - making it ideal for welded parts.

The ability to nest parts as close as 1 mm apart makes for unparalleled efficiency by ensuring maximum material use, ensuring you get the best use of your raw materials.

We can cut parts up to 700 mm x 700 mm from a variety of materials including: steel, plastic, brass, foam, rubber, glass, stone and timber.

Send us your CAD file, DXF file or sketch and we will discuss how to move your project forward.

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We offer plating in 22 carat gold, palladium, copper and nickel. This provides a stunning, high quality finish.

Our electroplating services are well tested across industry, with thousands of products produced.

We can help you with signs, plaques, gadgets and gizmos! Contact us to discuss your project.

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About Ariki Services

Ariki is situated in Blenheim at the top of the South Island New Zealand. Ariki has a proud history of being a New Zealand based manufacturer employing New Zealanders to produce product for local and overseas markets.


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